Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Article: Theistic Evolution Isn’t Fit for Survival

My friend, Dr. Dr. John Bloom (seriously, the guy has two Ph.D.s) has a great (albeit brief) article in the current issue of the Biola University magazine on the perils of theistic evolution.

"Theistic Evolution Isn’t Fit for Survival"

Here's his well stated conclusion:
This is not the time to be deciding what beliefs we should give up in order to help prop up a failing vision in science. In fact, I find it striking that just when the biochemical evidence for Creation is becoming dramatically clearer, some Christians who accept Darwinism as true feel that they must attack Creationists and mythologize important Scriptures. A sober look at what Darwin cannot explain should give them pause and perhaps more respect for their brothers and sisters who have solid scientific and biblical reasons for questioning this prevailing naturalistic paradigm.


Luke said...

I just got my copy and read the article last night. I, like a couple of those in the comments, was very dissatisfied with the presentation. The things that bothered me in particular:

1. Lumping Common Descent, Speciation and Abiogenesis together (something I critique people like Eugenie Scott for doing as well... so it happens on both sides, but shouldn't happen on either).

2. I'm certainly no scientist, but near as I can tell based off some of the reading I've done, there is tremendous evidence that DNA was designed to promote diversification, adaptation, and even change.

3. The profound/scary questions that arise when the historicity of the Bible is questioned are important things to consider. We absolutely need answers to such questions if Theistic Evolution is going to ever be acceptable as a theological position. But that's "merely" a point the TE supporters need to address... not an "issue" that makes TE unfit for survival.

4. I'm glad the list of extra resources is available online. I didn't notice it if it was included in print. Since I didn't see it there, I was severely disappointed by the lack of actual evidence/followup reading. Looking over the list, I'm still disappointed that I don't see anything there that points to recent advancements in "biochemical evidence for Creation" as many of the resources date back to when I was at Biola. The new material he hints at sounds fascinating and of vital importance... please link me to it, Dr. Bloom!


Theology Mom said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Luke. I will send Dr. Bloom a link to this. Perhaps he will respond. I don't know.

Theology Mom said...


Thanks for the feedback on my article. Given the limited space of the article, I needed to lump some points together which require a book-length treatment to cover. Dr. Fuz Rana, my friend with RTB and colleague in the MASR program at Biola, has written extensively on these topics both in books and in articles on the www.reasons.org website. However, you might take a second look at the books I suggested in the link: 5 out of 7 of them came out since you graduated from Biola in 2005. Some chapters in Jay Richards' "God and Evolution" discuss in detail the "point / issue" of this new flavor of TE which I and many others are concerned about.