Friday, September 9, 2011

Timeline of Human History

I received yet another inquiry today about a timeline of human history based on an old-earth creation perspective. So thanks to Janice, a lovely Canadian homeschool mom who chatted with me on the phone this morning, I decided to sit down and try to cobble something together.

Have fun exploring my new Timeline page. I hope it's helpful.


Mike W said...

Hi Krista,

I'm curious regarding your note about the difference between your dating of Noah's flood, and Hugh's dating. Is your position that the flood did not wipe out all of humanity? I read your post " Archaeology: Göbekli Tepe", and understand that the reason for your dating is to fit the civilization of Noah into the archeological evidence. Would you point us to a resource that unpacks how that point of view fits the biblical text (e.g. Gen. 7:23)?

Thank you!

Mike W.
Lynnwood, WA

LibertyMom said...

This Timeline is a great resource! Thank you for doing the work to post it here! Hope you keep it posted!

Theology Mom said...


I would recommend my friend Carol Hill's article, "A Time and Place for Noah." It's on the ASA web site.

Catherine H said...

Hi Krista,

Thanks so much for posting the timeline. I've been searching for months for an old earth timeline to no avail!
I am in need of clarification for the dates posted on the RTB timeline listing creation of MAN at 13.75 BILLION whereas on your timeline the creation of HOMINIDS is between 5 MILLION and 30 THOUSAND B.C.
Am I missing something? I am assuming creation of man on the RTB timeline would be homo sapien sapiens, not the creation of hominids. Any direction is appreciated!

Theology Mom said...

I'm not really sure here. The universe was created 13.7 billion years ago, not humans.

Humans don't appear until the very end (see the far top right corner of the RTB timeline).

Hope that helps.