Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chosen By God, Session 4

This is the fourth in a six week study where I am posting a study guide to R.C. Sproul's classic lecture series, Chosen by God. Feel free to use this however you'd like. This would make a great foundation for a unit on theology proper with a middle schooler or high schooler.

Lecture 4 - "Man's Radical Fallenness"

BEFORE the Lecture:
  • Read John 6. Notice that Jesus says two times (verses 44 and 65) that no one comes to him unless the Father "draws" that person to salvation. What do you think this means? Do you think God forces people to believe in Him?

Watch for answers to the following questions DURING the lecture:
    • What is the difference between the words "may" and "can"?  How does this distinction pertain to salvation, according to Dr. Sproul's interpretation of John 6?
    • What is the definition of a "necessary condition"? 
    • What is the "necessary condition" for salvation, according to Dr. Sproul (see John 6:44)?
    • How does the semi-Pelagian position interpret John 6:44 when it says God "draws" someone to Christ? 
      • How is the same Greek word translated "draw" in John 6:22 translated in James 2:6 and Acts 16:19?
      • What is the necessary condition in order to go to heaven/see the Kingdom of God, according to John 3:3?
      • What is the axiom (thesis) of Augustinian theology?
      • According to Dr. Sproul, what is the necessary condition for us to be saved?
      As you watch the lecture, also record 5 questions that you have about what Dr. Sproul says. These questions about be anything related to his teaching.

      READ this summary of the lecture from the Ligonier web site:
      How far did man fall in the Garden? How has sin penetrated into our souls? What did Jesus teach about man’s falleness? While we may question some of the greatest teachers in the History of the Church about this topic, we must always look to the Lord Himself for truth as found in Scripture. In this message entitled “Man’s Radical Falleness,” Dr. Sproul considers Jesus’ own words regarding man’s ability or lack thereof to achieve salvation.

      Now, enjoy the lecture.

      AFTER the Lecture: 
      • Discuss your answers and your questions with your teacher.
      • According to John 6:28–29, what is the one "work" we must do in order to be saved?
      • Read Eph. 2:8–9. How are we saved? Where do we get the faith to believe in Jesus?

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