Monday, September 12, 2011

Chosen By God, Session 3

This is the third in a six week study where I am posting a study guide to R.C. Sproul's classic lecture series, "Chosen by God." Feel free to use this however you'd like. This would make a great foundation for a unit on theology proper with a middle schooler or high schooler.

Lecture 3 - "What is Free Will?"

BEFORE the Lecture:
  • Look up the word "determinism" in the dictionary. Write out a short definition in your own words. 
  • Read Rom. 3:10–18. Make a list of all the words Paul uses to describe the mindset of the unbeliever.

Watch for answers to the following questions DURING the lecture:
    • How does Dr. Sproul define the humanist understanding of free will? 
    • What does Dr. Sproul see as the two major problems with the humanist definition of free will? (This will probably be a little challenging.)
    • What was Jonathan Edwards' law of choosing?
    • Does coercion eliminate "free will"? Why not?
    • What does Dr. Sproul mean when he says that "every choice we make is free and every choice we make is determined"? Explain.
    • What is the "problem" with the sinner (unbeliever, non-Christian) when it comes to believing in the Gospel? Why don't they accept Christ as their Savior?
    • Explain Jonathan Edwards' difference between moral ability and natural ability. How does this relate to a person's decision to accept Jesus as their Savior?
    As you watch the lecture, also record 5 questions that you have about what Dr. Sproul says. These questions about be anything related to his teaching.

    READ this summary of the lecture from the Ligonier web site:
    If God predestines people to salvation, then what about free will? Doesn’t the Calvinisitic doctrine of predestination override human free will? What about choice? Considering the doctrine of divine election in this message, Dr. Sproul discusses some of the fundamentally wrong assumptions people have when they think of free will.

    Now, enjoy the lecture.

    AFTER the Lecture: 
    • Go over you answers and your questions with your teacher.
    • Question to think about: If no one has a natural inclination to choose God (Rom. 3:10–11), then why do some people come to faith in Jesus as their Savior?

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