Sunday, August 21, 2011

Question: Prehistoric Events

Question from Robin:
I homeschool my 11 year old son and we are about to begin the school year. My curriculum begins with creation and ancient Egypt, but I want to do some preliminary studies with him about prehistoric earth, creatures (dinos, hominids, etc.) and eras. The RTB books I'm reading are great, but they are beyond what I can comfortably/intelligently relate to my son. I recently also purchased Holman Quick Source Guide to Understanding Creation. This will be a much easier resource to use.
I was looking at the resources on your website, and I was wondering if any of the science items deal specifically with teaching old earth creationism, understanding the fossil records, info on hominids, etc. to use to supplement the Holman Guide?
I'm glad to see you have the Holman Guide. It's great! That's a terrific place to start.

There aren't any specific materials based on old-earth creationism, but you don't really need any because old-earth creationists affirm the accuracy of the fossil record.  We just hold to a different interpretation of it (creation, not evolution, as the mechanism for the appearance of various species).

My suggestion would be to get a hold of a colorful science encyclopedia and work on making a timeline with your son of key events in Earth's history. My daughter enjoys this one. Some items you could note on the timeline: major geological ages, dates, and visual depictions of distinctive creatures that lived in each one.

You might also find this brief creation timeline helpful. It was put together by one of the RTB Apologists.


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