Monday, August 29, 2011

Chosen By God, Session 1

Each Monday for the next six weeks I am going to post a study guide to R.C. Sproul's classic lecture series, "Chosen by God." Feel free to use this however you'd like. This would make a great foundation for a unit on theology proper with a middle schooler or high schooler. We're using it in conjunction with a study that we'll be doing in Galatians after this. It will end up being a mini-introduction to salvation and justification.

Lecture 1 - "Everyone Believes This Doctrine"

BEFORE the Lecture:
  • Look up the word "predestination" in the dictionary. Write out a short definition in your own words.
  • Read Eph. 1:1–5, 11. Who is predestined? What are they predestined to (two things)? When did God predestine them?
  • Who were Augustine and Pelagius? When did they live? (optional question)

Watch for answers to the following questions DURING the lecture:
  • When did Augustine and Pelagius believe? Listen for Dr. Sproul's definitions. Which view does Dr. Sproul call "unChristian"?
  • Record the chart that records Dr. Sproul's summary of those famous Christian leaders who were for and against the Augustinian view of predestination. Have you heard of any of these names?
  • What is the majority position of Christians today on predestination, according to Dr. Sproul? Which side do they fall on - for or against Augustinian predestination?
  • What is the "doctrine" of predestination about, according to Dr. Sproul?
  • What is the dividing point among Christians regarding predestination?
As you watch the lecture, also record 5 questions that you have about what Dr. Sproul says. These questions can be about anything related to his teaching.

READ this summary of the lecture from the Ligonier web site:
Scripture very plainly uses the word “predestined” in reference to the salvation of God’s people. Most denominations and some of the greatest theologians have wrestled with this issue through the centuries and have carefully formulated statements regarding this controversial topic. What do you believe about predestination? In this message, Dr. Sproul introduces us to the doctrine of predestination and explains that “Everyone Believes This Doctrine.”

Now, enjoy the lecture.

AFTER the Lecture: Enjoy a lively discussion with you teacher about what you've learned. Go over your answers and ask your questions.

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