Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 Reasons for Teaching Evolution

Theology Mom tells us why it's a good thing to teach evolution to our kids.


Luke said...

I agree that Young Earth materials most often do not include the best arguments for evolution (and they absolutely should).

However, in my experience, the public school I attended didn't really present the evidence either. In fact, my YEC arguments against "Evolution" were remarkably effective when debating my high school friends. Even today, my science-minded college friends at secular universities know precious little about the evidence for evolution... and this lack of clarity feels pretty universal to me. In fact, when I asked my post-Christian bloggy friends for evidence for evolution, they pointed me to a book by one of the foremost promoters of evolution... which contained little evidence and betrayed a larger lack of clarity on the presentation of the subject. I was very disappointed.


Theology Mom said...

Luke, I agree with you. I'm actually more concerned with the (sometimes uncritical) acceptance in the last few years of theistic evolution among Christians. I think Christian youth are very vulnerable to this error because we aren't adequately preparing them.