Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ken Ham on Bill Dembski and Hank Hanegraaff

Ken Ham's blog post today highlighted this month's premium at Christian Research Institute. They are highlighting Bill Dembski's new book, The End of Christianity. Hank Hanegraaff interviewed the author and in the process made some comments about his perspectives on the age of the earth. You can hear that interview here:
I found Ham's comments about Hanegraaff interesting:
It is so sad that such compromise with evolution and millions of being promoted by such a well-known radio personality. While I appreciate that Hank Hanegraaff had me on his radio program many years ago, I need to point out now that such outright compromise is undermining the authority of God’s Word.
Hanegraaff used to be a fairly ardent young-earth creationist, but has become more open about the biblical viability of old-earth creationism in recent years. Whatever people may think about Hanegraaff, I don't think it can be disputed that Hanegraaff runs one of the most well respected apologetics and counter-cult ministries in existence. Under Hanegraaff's leadership, CRI has a proven track record of identifying aberrant and heretical teaching. So there is more than a little irony in calling him a "compromiser." Such a characterization is, at best, a stretch and makes Ham look desperate in his attempts to marginalize all the people he chooses to label as compromisers.

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Jim said...

I respectfully but directly challenged Ham's take on this in his FB post, asking him if he intended to eventually label people like Ravi Zacharias and Norm Geisler as heretics because they're sympathetic to OEC. He countered my comment by asserting that there was no evidence that he or AiG had ever accused Dembski of being a heretic, and demanded that I either produce such evidence or retract my accusation. When I replied - again, respectfully but directly, without name calling, etc. - that while he may not have used the actual word heretic, but consistently applied the concept behind the word to Dembski and anyone else who disagrees with him about Genesis (and that his followers do in fact use the word heretic, as the comments bear out)...I got booted, with my comments deleted.
Ham regularly claims that people flame AiG sites, but don't respond when AiG replies, supposedly because such "flaming" isn't based in valid arguements. Yet when someone like me does respond, it doesn't apparently go over well.
Interestingly, shortly after my first comment, Ham wrote a post titled "How to deal with Christian Leaders who don't believe in a Six Day creation", where all he did was quote Luther's comment about disagreeing with the Holy Fathers about the length of the creation days. Which is all well and good, except that the quote would seem to directly contradict another claim of Ham's, that there is no evidence that a significant number of patristic writers believed in anything other than 24 hour days for Gen 1.

It seems that YEC's want to keep drawing the circle of acceptable speakers and writers smaller and smaller, and the unspoken message is very clear to those who follow AiG's teachings: if you're not YEC, you are persona non grata and an enemy of orthodoxy.