Thursday, June 2, 2011

Question: From Ken Ham

Well, after my previous post, Mr. Ham wrote to me again (within an hour or so). Here is his note in its entirety:
What a sad day when the atheists understand Christianity better than so many Christians do. No wonder we are losing most of the next generation from the church (see the book Already Gone, which documents research as to why two thirds of young people are leaving the church). And no wonder we are losing the Christian base that so permeated our once Christianized Western world.
I completely agree with Ken Ham that it is a very sad thing that we are losing a vast amount of the next generation of the church. I'd love to read his other book, Already Gone, if his publisher would like to send me a copy for review. I'm sure it has some points that we would agree upon.

I suspect, however, that once again we would disagree about the solutions. His solution (I'm hypothesizing here) is probably connected to teaching Christian students more about young-earth creationism. Chances are, that's probably not going to be my solution, but I'm certainly open to reading and considering his ideas.


Anonymous said...

It's been my theory for several years that kids are leaving the church BECAUSE of young earth creationism. They can't reconcile it with the evidence and they become discouraged and defeated.

I agree that it is very sad.

Simply Taunya said...

A lot of young people are leaving the church because it doesn't make sense! I am a highly spiritual person, I follow Christ and I'm old-earth leaning. I just don't believe in CHURCH.

Personally, MR Ham's actions in the debate over the last few months has turned me off entirely to his point of view.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with young earth teaching after being raised on the gap theory all my life. Once I reached college I discovered too many holes in the gap and old age theory. Just in the past few years have I studied on a young earth theory and when it's really studied with an open mind...taking the word of God for what it says the young earth theory makes the most sense. It lines up with the bible more than any other theory.

I just wanted to say thank you for handling yourself in a Christian manner even though you disagree with Mr. Ham. He has been under great attack from those that say they are Christians. I feel Mr. Ham has handled himself well especially considering all the scrutiny he's received for standing up for his beliefs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To write that you will only read his book if he gives it to you for free comes across as being quite petty. Are you so embittered against AiG that you can't bear to have $9.95 go into their coffers?

Theology Mom said...

Anonymous, It seems like you're making an awful lot of assumptions about my motives. Actually, I don't have any problem giving AiG $9.95. Writing this review just isn't a high priority for me. I have a family and other expenses. I do this blog on my own time and buying this book just isn't high on my list of things to do.