Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ken Ham's Comments on my Review

Ken Ham posted a response to my review of his book, Already Compromised, on Facebook page several days ago. In the interest of fairness, I am attaching a screenshot of his entry here for those of you who don't have access to Facebook so you can see his comments and the comments of those who follow his page. (Sorry I don't know how to stitch these altogether. CLICK TO ENLARGE.)

I find it rewarding that Mr. Ham doesn't seem to dispute my summary of his thesis. I worked diligently to make sure I was stating his position accurately. He basically says the same thing I said: we have different presuppositions. He thinks inerrancy ought to be tied young-earth creationism and I don't. I believe inerrancy is a first-level doctrine and the age of the earth is a second-level discussion, an issue of in-house debate between Christians.

So I guess it's up to you, Dear Reader, in the spirit of the ancient Bereans to search the Scriptures in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and discern who is right.

P.S. Mr. Ham wrote to me last night and pasted his Facebook Note into a Comment box. I can only assume he wanted me to post his editorial on my blog. I had already planned to post these screen shots several days ago, but hadn't gotten around to doing it.


Sherry C said...

This is fair and reasonable. I agree that inerrancy is primary. Details of how it all went down--especially when the text leaves some wiggle room--is definitely secondary. It's just not a faith-breaker for me.

I do wish the rest of the comments on Mr. Ham's original post were shown in the screen shot (especially the last one, which sounds very similar to your post here today), so I copied them down and have pasted them in here:

Linda Wilson Schalk--I know what the point is, but if you read through all of the replies, some are just unkind and unnecessary.
May 27 at 12:48pm

Colleen Scott--Thought it was interesting that on her resources page, several Apologia resources were listed, along with Brigham Young (which is Mormon). Thank you, and may the Lord bless you and your ministry.
May 27 at 1:54pm

Joyce Sell Meyers--She is so opened minded that common sense has fallen out!
May 27 at 6:53pm

Jt Perry--Summary of book and her response:

Summary of Book: "Even if you believe 1) in Noah's flood 2) that God created the Universe 3) and that Jesus is the only way to god, you are compromised if you disagree on the extent of the flood and the date of creation"

Summary of her Response: "Ken's book seems to imply that even if you agree with on the major things (God created everything, Jesus is God, the flood really happened, ... etc) you are considered 'compromised' by Ken if you disagree on the the timeframe of creation or the extent of the flood... even if you agree that God did it"

Isn't that what she said? Why is there so much attacks on Ken's beliefs or her beliefs and not what the articles(or book) actually said??

And why were many people's comments deleted when they agreed with the lady? Perhaps their comments were considered 'compromised'?

Sometimes i don't understand why people get so easily offended when we discuss topics.
May 28 at 2:09pm · 1 person

Theology Mom said...

Thanks, Sherry. Those comments were probably posted after I did the screen shots.

Becky said...

I'm a homeschool mom of 4 young kiddos and my husband is an Old Earth Creationist. I'm glad to find your site because I am definitely leaning that direction too.

My husband believes that Ken Ham has alienated or pushed away many people from Christ by taking this hard-lined approach. I know he truly believes himself to be right... but so did the people who mocked that the world was round and that the sun was the center of the solar system...

I haven't navigated your site much. Do you have any posts that talk about that?

I don't have tons of time on my hands, and I'm definitely not gifted to be able to spend so much time exploring this topic, especially since (I believe) it isn't a necessary belief for salvation, but I am thankful that we can have some options for curriculum and discussion points for our kiddos.

Your persecution by Ken Ham and his followers will be worth it when you get to heaven. It looks like you are doing your best to follow Christ and search for truth while being as humble as possible.

I, for one, appreciate that.

We are definitely the minority among our friends and fellow homeschoolers. When I tell them what be believe could be true of creation, we are greeted with confusion and they just want to drop the conversation. Many have never heard of this idea... I look forward to poking around your site some more so I speak with them more intellectually... in love of course :)

Theology Mom said...

Ok, Sherry, I have now posted the final comments. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the dark. I was flat out astounded that so many people truly believe that Christian's cannot have differing opinions and still call themselves Christians. I'm pretty sure once you decide there is only one way to read the Bible, and you know that way, you're destined to consider all others "out there". In my opinion, THEY are the ones who sound like Harold Camping. (I think one of the comments mentioned him in regards to you). It seems more and more Christians just want bandwagons to jump on and then they throw rocks at the bandwagons that disagree with them. Sad.

Rusty said...

Wow! If Ham's circular reasoning isn't bad enough, then take a look at how his followers walk around with blinders on. On the one hand they dogmatically assert that the first few verses of Genesis establish that the universe is only thousands of years old and yet they claim that Ham provides scholarly evidence to back that up. Seems to me that if God's Word has established the age of the universe, without any room for debate, then empirical evidence is mere fluff.

"Evidence? We don't need no stinking evidence!"

Bottomline is that hard-core YEC'ers have no interest in debate because they truly believe that there is no reason for having a debate. If you attempt to discuss the topic with an open (aka "Liberal") mind, then you immediately set yourself up for accusations of compromise at best and heresy at worst. In my opinion, we have bigger fish to fry, and most YEC attacks are best dealt with by simply throwing them back into the river. Our efforts are best directed at those believers truly interested in how to approach this topic for a fallen world.

Theology Mom said...


I completely agree with you. One of the reasons I wanted to include all the comments is so people can see how young-earth creationists think. Circular reasoning indeed.

I'm not spending much time thinking about this. I'm mostly just glad for all the free publicity.

Denny said...

Has anyone reading Ken Ham’s list of colleges to avoid thought, How can so many Christians be wrong while Ham is so right? Wherever Ham's fans abound, I note the absence of Christ's sweet aroma - only the bitterness of pride. How sad for brothers and sisters in Christ. How tragic for those yet to see the Lord Jesus.
Denny Cochran