Monday, May 23, 2011

Reasons Institute - "Creation vs. Evolution" Course


I have given up counting the number of phone calls and emails I get from parents asking how to talk to their kids about evolution. Seldom do I receive calls from parents asking what they can do to equip themselves on this important topic. When I ask parents what steps they have taken to prepare themselves to teach on the subject, the answer is usually, "None. I don't have time. Isn't there some book I can just give my child to read?" They have not attended any classes. They usually have not even read a book on evolution and if they have it's not very reputable or sophisticated. I would characterize it as being more akin to anti-evolutionary propaganda than a thoughtful critique. 

The blunt truth is, what many of these well-meaning parents really want is for me to give them a two sentence answer to a really complicated issue. It's like asking your pastor to break down the topic of divorce for you in 140 characters on Facebook. It's just not possible.

Last month I wrote a post about my changing philosophy concerning homeschool textbooks and teaching. The quick of it is, I think homeschool parents need to focus a little more energy on equipping themselves to be good teachers and rely a little less on finding the perfect textbook to do the work for them.

So, now I'm going to say something very positive. Here's your chance to be part of the solution!

Reasons Institute is offering the "Creation vs. Evolution" course starting on Monday, June 6. This is great for students, but also for homeschool parents who want to discuss these issues with their kids and help them process what they are reading in library books or watching in television documentaries. This is the ideal opportunity to think these issues through for yourself and form your own beliefs.

Here's a prediction: it will make you a better parent, teacher and probably a better Christian. It will expand your view of God and His creation.

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