Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jay Wile No Longer Affiliated with Apologia

Well, I learned something today. Jay Wile, who wrote and founded Apologia publishing is no longer with them. See the full story here. Here are a couple excerpts:
Apologia Educational Ministries was started in the early 1990s when the modern homeschooling community was young and in need of high-quality, creation-based science curriculum. Dr. Jay Wile authored or co-authored several outstanding junior high and high school science textbooks. In 2008, my wife, Rachael, and I [Davis Carman] purchased Apologia and the copyrights to all of its existing textbooks with a vision to take the company in new and expanded directions.

As part of the purchase agreement, Dr. Wile remained an employee of Apologia until August 14, 2010, when he chose to resign. As a result, he is no longer associated with the ministry. You can read a more detailed account of the transition here.

Dr. Wile has recently posted articles and comments in his blog that have become key in the current controversy. He is certainly entitled to his views concerning this matter. However, for the sake of clarity, it is important to note that his comments are his own. Dr. Wile is no longer an employee of Apologia, and he does not speak for Apologia or represent us at conferences or on his blog.
Really? How could I not know this? I think that I follow these sorts of issues pretty closely and this is the first I'm hearing about it.

In light of this, I'm wondering whether Dr. Wile's apparent increased open-mindedness has deeper roots than his textbooks would suggest. Either way, it looks like Apologia Publishing remains in a firm relationship with Answers in Genesis.
Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis stand with Apologia in their support of our ministry, our science textbooks, and our biblical worldview curriculum. You can read their official statement on Ken’s Facebook page here.
Much of the hub-bub about Ken Ham revolves around his statements about Peter Enns. Apparently, Enns is friendly with Jay Wile. Enns was suspended from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2005, and is now at BioLogos, which is a theistic evolutionary think-tank. Here is Enns summarizing his view of the historical (or not-so-historical) Adam.

I have stated repeatedly my belief in a historical Adam, so I won't rehearse that here. Even though I completely disagree with theistic evolution for both biblical and scientific reasons, I don't think BioLogos or Enns should be barred from homeschool shows. I still agree with Wile that these are opportunities for critical thinking. But my question is, where is the old-earth position at these shows? If there is a growing willingness to let in theistic evolutionists, how about old-earth creationists? Dr. Wile, can you please put in a good word for us?


Anonymous said...

FWIW, Dr. Jay Wile has shown for a few years an openness and humility in letting there be disagreement / discussion in faith. For example:

I only found out about him through the Ken Ham / Enns debate, and was glad to find a respectful young earth proponent (as I lean OE).


Jamie said...

There are so many different views on Creation, and from my limited perspective of having read books, watched DVDs and having attended lectures by both Biblical creationists and OECs, I would have to say that OEC is a valiant attempt to remain simultaneously committed to Biblical inerrancy and the mainstream scientific community. My personal experience and observation of both my own journey and the journey of others I know who at one time or another have held to OEC beliefs has been that one either goes back to adopting a Biblical creationist view (which comports with the plain teaching of Scripture, IMHO), or slides into the heretical pool of Dr. Peter Enns, Dr. Bruce Waltke and others who have partially or fully adopted a theistic evolutionary model (following the lead of Francis Collins). I view the OEC to be a middle ground approach that is akin to walking the end up falling off onto one side or the other, depending on which commitment (Biblical inerrancy, scientific indoctrination) proves stronger.

Having said all that, I agree that all models (Biblical creationism, OEC, literary framework, theistic evolution, etc.) should be placed on the table and discussed in a formal and respectful manner. Dr. Jay Wile has shown great respect for the thinking Christian. From what I can discover he has not changed his views... he simply is more open to dialogue than Ken Ham.