Friday, February 25, 2011

Article: Who's Your Mommy?

New Reasons To Believe, 2011 Volume 3, Number 1
My new article, "Who's Your Mommy?" is now available. Click on the image to the right to read the article. (You'll probably need to zoom in a bit. Sorry the links within the body of the article don't work. Those were lost when I saved it as a .jpg. But if you download the original PDF (link below), then you can access the embedded links as well.)

The article provides a brief analysis of the Gaia hypothesis and expands the biblical integration component of Dr. Jeff Zweerink's lead article.

Prior to writing the article, I thought the Gaia hypothesis was pure and simple Earth worship. I discovered, however, there is a "weak" form of the Gaia hypothesis that simply involves the scientific observation that the Earth's conditions have been adjusted over time to accommodate new life forms. I think it could be used as a form of a design argument. See what you think.

You can also download the entire New Reasons To Believe e-zine. It contains lots of cool articles on science-faith issues! This is must-reading if you have a teenager who is interested in science. Visit the Reasons To Believe home page (look at the top left corner) to sign up to receive it in your email box each quarter. Did I mention that it's FREE?

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