Monday, February 28, 2011

Article: Science Projects

I have been waiting to write this article for three years. Probably more. I'm sooooo glad that it's out now.
New Reasons To Believe, 2011 Volume 3, Number 1

"Science Fair/Term Paper Ideas for Creation vs. Evolution"

Click on the images to the right to read the article. (You'll probably need to zoom in a bit. Sorry the links within the body of the article don't work. Those were lost when I saved it as a .jpg. But if you download the original PDF, then you can access the embedded links as well.)

This is my attempt to answer the perennial question, What can my kid do for the science fair that relates to creation? I tried to make the suggestions broad enough that parents and educators could adapt them for almost any age group. Obviously, some are more complicated than others, but I think most could be simplified fairly easily. See what you think.

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I hope to write a companion piece later this year focused on issues related to the age of the earth.

You can download the entire New Reasons To Believe e-zine. It contains lots of cool articles on science-faith issues! This is must-reading if you have a teenager who is interested in science. Visit the Reasons To Believe home page (look at the top left corner) to sign up to receive it in your email box each quarter. Did I mention that it's FREE?

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