Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update on the Noah's Ark Hoax

Remember the whole splash in the news last April about the discovery of Noah's ark by a Chinese team?

"Science News: Noah's Ark Discovered...Again?"

"A Thoughtful Statement on the Supposed "Discovery" of Noah's Ark"

Your faithful blogger took the position of "No so fast..." Turns out, I was right to take caution. Randall Price from Liberty University was briefly caught up in this group, but quickly figured out it's a hoax. This week, he released more details about the situation. Turns out, the guys who constructed the "ark" were told they were building a movie set. This is a great news clip from CBN that includes an interview with Price: "Exclusive: Researcher Claims Noah's Ark 'Find' a Big Hoax -"

And here is a scan and rough translation from the Kurdish brothers who built the "ark" that Price mentions in the news clip. I'm not sure what changed between December and now concerning his desire to protect their identity. Price has this letter prominently placed on his personal web site.

I'm officially going on the record now: This is a hoax.

Here is why this matters for Christian parents and educators. Christian young people will be confronted with all kinds of religious claims during their lifetimes. The question is, do they have the mental and emotional equipment to know how to sort through and evaluate such claims? A news story like this provides a great platform to model how to think critically about these sorts of ideas. Students can read through the original news stories and then practice asking careful questions and evaluating the strength of the evidence. I provide some specifics in my original post: "Science News: Noah's Ark Discovered...Again?"

Christians ought to prize truth even more than non-Christians. This should make us wary of blindly accepting supposed evidence for the Bible, especially when it sounds too good to be true.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Price has now been proven to be a liar as the e-mail he claims proves a hoax has itself been shown to be fraudulant. Please update this error as it is factually incorrect.

Theology Mom said...

I am open to retraction, but need reputable documentation. Assertions need support.