Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sliding Into Noah's Ark

Well, here they go again. Answers in Genesis announced this week that it's going to build a Noah's ark-themed amusement park.

"In Kentucky, Noah’s Ark Theme Park Is Planned"

It's expected to open in 2014. The official site of Ark Encounter is now up and Answers in Genesis has issued a press release about the new venture. There are several images available here.

Meanwhile, it was also announced this week that seven out of ten Christians in the world are being persecuted for their faith.

Did I mention AiG plans to spend $150 million to build this attraction?

Somehow I doubt that a scale model replica of Noah's ark is going to assuage the flood of young doubters leaving the church.

UPDATE (12/15/10): Since posting this, I have read about some additional concerns related to the hiring requirements.

"Will Answers in Genesis’ New ‘Ark Park’ Comply with Anti-Discrimination Laws?"

Since this is a for-profit venture, the group will need to adhere to federal anti-discrimination laws. They could be forced to hire people like divorcees, Muslims, atheists and even old-earth creationists. Hmmm...


Virginia Peterson said...

That's a lot of money. My thought was - how many missionaries are hurting for support these days with the economy the way it is?

Theology Mom said...

Well, Virginia, that was sort of my thought as well. That's why I wrote it the way I did. Glad you caught that.

Virginia Peterson said...

Looking into this further:

AiG's survey results said 63% of people asked would visit an ark
replica. They also predict first year attendance of 1.6 million. The
Creation Museum's attendance was 404,000 the first year.

"We quickly realized that the Noah’s Ark project would need to be much bigger than we previously envisioned. More than just the Ark, we would need a large complex of associated museums, theaters, amenities, event venues, ample parking, etc. to properly handle the expected crowds. If we did not have additional features, there would be very long lines of people waiting to go inside the Ark."

Step right up, make your "peg, plank, or beam" donation.

Virginia Peterson said...

An interesting blog post: