Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biblical Archaeology Course

We're taking sign-ups right now for a brand new online course in "Biblical Archaeology" at Reasons Institute. It's 15 weeks and costs $150. I'll be moderating the course. The main lecturer is Dr. John Bloom from Biola University, but students will also hear from leading scholars and field archaeologists as well. I'm so excited!

If you homeschool a high school student, they might really enjoy this. (I'd recommend calling it "Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology" or something like that on their transcript.) There is no college credit available this time around, but if you wait until the Fall, that will be an option as well.

Class begins January 10 so now's the time to register.


SB said...

Does RTB still offer a course in Biblical Archaeology?

Theology Mom said...

No. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue it. But we do offer many other courses.