Friday, September 3, 2010

Thanks to my dear college friend and homeschool mom, Sherry, for this tip.

Can you relate to this?
I've been frustrated for awhile now about the difficulties of kids wanting to research something on the web, knowing the junk that is out there that they could stumble upon. Google's 'safe search' mode isn't worth much at all, and a lot of the kid-safe sites are so overly simplified that kids like mine feel about four years old, trying to use them.
Sherry found, which might be a good solution.

Sherry tried to enter "all kinds of inappropriate stuff" into the search engine and reported, "it shut me down every time! I felt a little slimy doing it, but wanted to see what would happen if someone actually went looking."

So me, being the obnoxious person that I am at times, decided to try and stump the search engine: I tried doing a search on "breast cancer." I got a "Beep!" which I guess is the site's way of saying, "No way,  Jose." No results.

Obviously, nothing if goof-proof. You'll still have to use some common sense. But this give it a try. See what you think.

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