Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Podcast: Dinosaurs and the Bible, parts 3 and 4

Wow, have I been procrastinating. Finally getting around to posting the final two episodes of our series on "Dinosaurs and the Bible." Emily and I talk about the different eras of dinosaurs, as well as some little known facts about them. I think you'll get a kick out of what an "expert" she is.

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One thing I hope comes through is how to have a conversation with a kid about science issues. The way we did this actually sort of resembles our actual conversations at home (not all the time, but sometimes). You'll notice that I ask lots of QUESTIONS. It really doesn't matter to me whether she knows the answers. In fact, that's sometimes a good thing because it lets her know she doesn't know everything. My main goal is to keep her engaged and I've found that asking questions is a powerful way to do that.

Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it.


nick drt said...

Thanks! I re-posted to my FB wall hoping my YC Homeschool moms would take a listen.

Theology Mom said...

Thanks, Nick. Appreciate you helping me spread the word.

Victoria said...

My seven year old and I finished listening today. I think he mostly liked listening to how other students and parents interact. However he especially liked the first two parts since he's always been fascinated with the solar system and planetary science. It was a lot of fun. Thank you both for sharing with us! We would love to hear more like this and maybe it will inspire others of us to do similarly.