Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Genesis Code

For better or for worse, look what's coming soon to a theater near you...

The Genesis Code

Here is a link to the official trailer.

I recognized Fred Thompson (from Law & Order), the mom from the old TV show, 7th Heaven, and Rich Franklin who is a fighter in the UFC (and has a Bible verse on his web site).

My husband knows a lot of Christians involved in filmmaking, but he doesn't know any of the names behind this. Not sure that's a good sign.

Anyone know anything more about it? Kinda sounds young-earth, but I don't want to prejudge it.


Victoria said...

I think you're right. Here's a quote from a review I found at The Dove Foundation

"One of the foremost arguments over the truth of scriptures is the dispute about the earth's age. Did the creation of the earth and skies and animals and man, really take place in six days as related in Genesis, or was it over a period of billions of years?"

Virginia Peterson said...

I first heard about this several months ago - about all I could find out was that it was filmed at Calvin College. Someone also found this synopsis of the story line, which doesn't appear to be quite the same as what is on the web site now.
"That afternoon Marc brings all the key players in the drama together to reveal his discovery. In the spirit of Charlie in the hit TV series Numbers Marc clearly reveals the solution to a perplexing quandary. In the conflicting Biblical and scientific versions of reality which condition is true? Were the earth and universe created in six 24-hour days as depicted in Genesis, or did they evolve over a period of some sixteen billion years as explained by modern science? The answer amazes everyone present. Science, the perennial nemesis of religious Faith has provided the answer. Unequivocally, and without resorting to twisting the wording of Genesis to suggest “day means ages or eons”, the answer is that both are absolutely true. The Six Days of Genesis and the sixteen billion years of science are one in the same. Science has caught up with and validated the Biblical story of Genesis!"

Eric Olsen said...

oh, dear Lord. just when I was getting my smart friends to take God seriously

Theology Mom said...

Calvin is a bastion for theistic evolution.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more based on Gerald Schroeder "The Science of God"-type arguments. He says that in effect time slows down as the Universe expands, and does some numerology and vague hand-waving to say this allows the days of creation to match up with scientific version of cosmic evolution. It's basically a half-baked concordantist approach I think.

Virginia Peterson said...

Review of the movie by Answers in Genesis:

"The film has much discussion about the physics of time dilation: how the perceived passage of time is dependent upon the perspective of the observer, and how the passage of time can be affected by mass, acceleration, and the stretching of the fabric of space. Some of this is operational science, and can be experimentally verified, and it actually may well help biblical creationists explain how we can see light from distant stars in a young universe. But by taking extensive liberties with the interpretation of certain Hebrew words in the Bible, along with the use of time dilation and God’s perspective from heaven, the movie seeks to impose a billions-of-years, progressive-creation timeline into the Genesis account.1 The movie claims that this is a better explanation of what is observed in the rock layers and the fossil record as opposed to molecules-to-man evolution."