Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinosaurs iPhone App

If you're into the whole iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad thing, here's a FREE app you and your family might enjoy: Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections.

The app opens to this cool-looking dinosaur mosaic. Roar!!!

Then, you can zoom in and browse the various images.

Double click on an image to learn more about that artifact. When you click on "Info," all sorts of cool facts will appear.

I have this app loaded on my iPod Touch and my 11-year old daughter (and future paleontologist) enjoys browsing this vast collection.

It probably goes without saying that there is some evolutionary content embedded in this app. Most of you probably know my position on this by now: In my experience, I find that adults get more uptight about evolution than kids. Most kids just like to revel in the information. It's all about focusing on the positive in my book. Kids will reflect the attitude of their parents. If parents are hyper-sensitive and get upset about evolution, then kids will lose their curiosity and become leery of science. On the other hand, if parents are enthusiastic and encourage exploration of the world God has made, kids will follow suit.

Did I mention that it's free? Enjoy!


Sherry C said...

Don't have an iPod, so the app means little to me, but I love what you have to say here about parents getting too uptight and spoiling all the fun of learning for kids. My kids just breeze past the zeroes in the dates and accept that those figures are controversial--then go on with the cool stuff about the dinosaurs themselves. They know that we as a family haven't completely landed on what we believe about the dating of things--because none of us yet have done the necessary research and study to land on a well-informed opinion. My son knows that I'm hoping he will become a serious scientist some day and share with me his findings about the dating of things old. Whatever the outcome, it doesn't really impact our faith. We believe in a creator...and we know Him by name.

Luke said...