Monday, August 16, 2010

Bigger Picture on Creation Bundle

Just in time for fall...

Here's an idea: Consider hosting a small group study on creation. My study guide, The Bigger Picture on Creation for a limited time is being bundled with Dual Revelation for only $19.95.

The Bigger Picture on Creation Bundle

You could sponsor a screening of DR to generate interest in the longer study. The study is VERY Bible-focused and introduces the biblical foundation for old-earth creationism in a step-by-step inductive study of Genesis 1-2 and other creation-related passages.

This would also make a GREAT study for high school students if you are looking for some homeschool material. Ideal for a co-op situation! It would probably take between eight to ten weeks to complete.

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Anonymous said...

...and if you REALLY want to learn from this material, go through the study guide multiple times until it all sinks in!!! I use this study guide as a primary resource when I need a quick refresher on key details in support of old-earth creationism. I can't wait to teach it to some of my church members!