Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crabtree Publishing

Thanks to my new friend, Angela Z., from Loving Truth Books for bringing this publisher to my attention.

Crabtree publishing has a pretty neat line of books for elementary/grammar school students on a variety of science topics.

Primary readers (probably appropriate for Grades 1-2)

Intermediate readers
(probably appropriate for Grades 2-3)

Because this is a secular publisher, I'm assuming that there will be some level of evolutionary content in the biology-related books. (I haven't looked as samples of those, so this is an educated speculation.) Even so, all or almost all of the scientific data is likely to be correct. Parents can fill in the "See what God can do" connections.

I wish I had these last year when we were trying to do chemistry with our first grader. The curriculum from Gravitas Publishing worked with our older daughter when she was in first grade, but was too intense for our younger daughter. But this series would have been perfect for her. The books are filled with lots of color pics and good information and even some activity ideas. My friends at Loving Truth Books carry a few of the titles at a good price. If you're so inclined, please consider buying from these good Christian friends.

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