Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FREE Online Earth Science Course

The PBS series, "Earth Revealed" is now available for FREE! This normally sells for almost $400. This could be used as the foundation for a high school earth science course. Recommended textbooks and a lab manual are available on the site as well.


Virginia Peterson said...

I've seen some of these on our local PBS station, and the videos are a little dated looking, but are covering basic information, so that shouldn't matter too much. There are a lot of editions of the text available used, so I'd pick a fairly recent one at a good price. Try this site: allbookstores.com I had better luck searching by the authors' names than the title. This is broadcast in our area as a college-level course, I think.

Theology Mom said...

Thanks, Virginia. On the web site, it says the course can be used for high school or college. I watched a couple episodes. I think a high schooler could easily grasp the major ideas.