Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Thoughtful Statement on the Supposed "Discovery" of Noah's Ark

Christian archaeologists Bill Crouse and Gordon Franz posted an extended comment on last Sunday's splashy announcement of the discovery of Noah's ark by some Chinese team of "experts."

Noah’s Ark Discovered Again?

Their blog post is worth the read (it's fairly short). At the end, they offer some very sage advice that is worth reposting.
At this point we are skeptical of these new claims but would rejoice in the end if they proved to be true. If this someday is the case we will be the first to apologize for our doubts. We would strongly urge the Hong Kong group to follow proper scholarly procedures and publish this material in scientific, peer-reviewed archaeological and geological publications so that the scholarly community can examine the material first hand and critique it in order to offer helpful, and constructive, criticism. For the person in the pew, we caution you to not get too excited about something that is at best, unsubstantiated; and at worst, a fraud perpetrated by an enterprising local guide!
I couldn't agree more.

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