Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayer Request

My team and I are meeting with a retired high school science teacher tomorrow to explore the possibility of him helping us put together an earth science course. Nothing has been decided yet. This is simply an exploration. Please pray that God will give us wisdom for how to go about this endeavor.

UPDATE: We had our meeting. We made some very preliminary baby steps. I'll keep you posted on whatever progress we continue to make. Please pray for wisdom.


stephanie j. said...

I will! I'm really really really really hoping you do this...we need something for elementary, too!

Kathy R said...

Oooh, yes, I'll pray for wisdom. We used Prentice Hall Earth Science this year - had to make my own schedule, used some of the PH labs plus some other sources - it was a huge amount of work to plan this, but we enjoyed the course. Even if you published a schedule w/ commentary for an existing textbook, maybe a lab manual (or use the textbook's) and a lab kit (homeschoolers are intimidated to gather lists of science supplies), I bet it would be wildly popular among old earth homeschoolers! Such a resource is so needed!
Praying, Kathy