Friday, May 21, 2010

Astronomy and Design

I just finished putting together a brand NEW course for Reasons Institute, "Astronomy and Design." It explores the origin and design of the universe from a Christian worldview. There is also an extended discussion about the multiverse. It starts July 5, which sounds like a long ways off, but now is a good time to register and buy books.

This is a great course for science teachers or anyone who works in a science or tech job and wants some awesome tools to witness to co-workers.

If you have a high school student at home who is interested in astronomy or physics or is thinking about a career in science, they will definitely benefit from this course. Just let me know if you have a young person interested in taking the course and I'll work with you on making some adjustments to the work load that will be appropriate for them. Think...summer school! Only $150.

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