Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ancient Geography of the Grand Canyon

Thanks to frequent reader Virginia P. for bringing this to my attention. Carol Hill's article on the Grand Canyon that I wrote about in a post last week references a book called Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau. Virginia looked it up on the publisher's site and discovered a link to a series of YouTube videos where the authors explain how geologists know what the earth, namely the Colorado Plateau, looked like millions and hundreds of millions of years ago.

Ancient Landscapes, by Ron Blakey & Wayne Ranney

The lectures seem to be geared for the interested lay person. These aren't that great of production value, but the information is solid and teachers may find the content useful as a reference for themselves or to show high school geology students. They're also good if you want to gain a greater understanding about the problems of young-earth flood geology.

This is exactly the kind of thing I have in mind when I talk to parents of high school students and try to explain to them how creation science textbooks simply don't give students all the data. Yet, when students encounter this kind of data in their college geology course, they come away from it wondering whether mom and dad have misled them about other matters as well or whether the Bible can even be trusted at all. I honestly don't see how if you had access to this kind of information that you could remain a young-earth creationist.

Ancient geography provides a fantastic example of what the serious investigation of thousands of hard-working scientists, decades of study, and a lot of cooperation can achieve.

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shadowspring said...

I am so glad I found this blog! And thank you for the links and recommendations.

It is crazy times in which we live, that in order to be considered a "true Christian" one has to deny the realities of the world around us, or rather, reinterpret them to fit a doctrinal position that is in vogue.