Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Views of Creation

I frequently get asked for a summary of the differences between the various views on creation. And people usually want a two sentence answer. But thanks to Cori, who brought this chart to my attention. This is where I plan to direct people in the future.


A PDF version is also available.

This has been put together by the web site.

I think this represents a fairly accurate summary of the positions. (The only thing I would add is that my view on the Flood is a little different than RTB's flood model, which is what's presented on this chart.) This would make a handy resource for homeschool families and Christian schools as they try to go over the issues with their students.


stephanie j. said...

This is so helpful! Thanks very much!

Luke said...

I like tools like this that synthesize the data down into an overview for quick reference. Thanks!


Fatcat said...

My only complaint was that they would say things like 'despite overwhelming evidence'. I think they should leave judgements out of it.

Theology Mom said...

Good point, Fatcat.