Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Curriculum: Noeo Science

Thanks to Randy W., Children's Pastor, Engineer, and Homeschooling Father, who knows I'm on a never-ending quest for old-earth creation friendly curriculum ideas. He gets the credit for sending along this suggestion. (In the interest of disclosure, I have not reviewed this curriculum myself nor have I seen samples of it. But I hope to buy a module for one of my girls and give it a try next fall. Until then, I just thought I'd make you aware of it in case some of you want to give it a try as well.)

Noeo Science

They offer chemistry, physics, and biology. It appears to combine principles from both the Charolotte Mason and Classical Education approaches.

Randy wrote to the curriculum's author to inquire about his handling of evolution and age of the earth issues. Here is an excerpt of his response:
Evolution and other secular ideas are occasionally presented in the books that we provide. However, we do not include books that are overly dogmatic in their presentation of these ideas. We think it is important for children to learn differing views and to have meaningful discussions about these topics with their parents. Covering up or hiding these ideas in the home school only creates confusion for the child who hears and sees this information presented elsewhere (e.g. television, radio, magazines, bumper stickers, college,...). We also think it is more important for children to hear what their own parents believe about these issues than what we believe. For this reason, we have not included “canned” commentary for these discussions.

Our curriculum is designed to allow parents to express their own beliefs on these topics. Our personal beliefs are intentionally not included.
The author also has a brief discussion of his philosophy on the FAQ page on his web site.
Are Bible references or other Christian materials included in the curriculum?

We assume that Bible study is already an integral and essential part of the child's daily schedule. We believe that science, for Christians, is simply observing and describing God's creation. Our books are carefully selected to provide marvelous examples of all of the wonders of His creation. Our materials are written to provide a framework for an organized study of science, not as a tool to provide our own commentary. If science is viewed from a Christian perspective, then His invisible qualities will be clearly seen (Romans 1:20) without any need for comments from us.

We have also chosen not to include Scriptural references in our materials. Many science programs are being marketed as Christian homeschool science because they have “sprinkled” in a Bible verse here and there. Some of these programs use verses that are clearly taken out of context. In our opinion, it is unacceptable to teach children to mold Scripture to fit our needs rather than allowing it to teach us in context. We instead recommend that a complete, sound Bible study be used in conjunction with our curriculum (or any other).
So there you go. Maybe this is an option for some of you to check out. I know I plan to.


stephanie j. said...

Thanks again for your diligence in searching out options for quality HS science materials!

Theology Mom said...


Glad you're finding it helpful. In fact, I have moved the curriculum suggestions to their own pages at the top of the blog. I'm hoping people will find the information more accessible.