Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christian Astronomers Assess the Age of the Universe

This public statement was made today on the Reasons To Believe web site: "Astronomers Assess the Age of the Universe"

Here are a couple key excerpts:
Does the best scientific evidence point to a few-thousand-year-old cosmos or one that is a few billion years old? A recent meeting of Christian astronomers sought to answer that question. During the meeting, Drs. Danny Faulkner and Hugh Ross presented the best case for a young and an ancient universe, respectively. A panel of evangelical Christian astronomers, mutually agreed upon by both presenters, evaluated the arguments to decide in which direction the evidence pointed. The panel's report appears below and on Reasons To Believe's website.
Here is the bottom line of the panel's findings:
Ross's arguments provide solid evidence that the universe is billions of years old. He presents several independent arguments, based on a wide range of data, indicating that the universe and most objects in it are much older than ten thousand years. The light-travel-time argument is particularly strong in both its basis in physical principles and its simplicity. Faulkner does not present evidence for a universe thousands of years old but rather makes claims for isolated inconsistencies in the case for great age. While it is common scientific practice to look for holes in well-established theories, the new contrary evidence must either be very strong to counter the existing evidence for the theory or else be supported by a new theory that readily explains both the new evidence and the old. We judge that the "inconsistencies" pointed out by Faulkner do not meet either of these criteria. In some instances the observations are completely consistent with our current understanding of these physical systems in the context of an old universe; in others, while universally accepted interpretations don't exist today and our knowledge is often still incomplete, such explanations are likely to be forthcoming as observations and theory progress. It is our professional judgment that the weight of the evidence overwhelmingly supports a universe that is billions of years old.
So there you have it. It's official: a panel of qualified Christian astronomers believe the universe is billions of years old. The matter should be settled once and for all now, right?

Can we please change the creation science textbooks and move on with our lives?

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