Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Science Supplements

I get a lot of inquiries about science resources for younger children. Many Christian parents of an old-earth creation bent would ideally like to find something that doesn't promote either young-earth creationism or biological evolution. This is NOT an easy thing to find. So when I come across something promising, I always like to pass the word along.

This recommendation comes from a homeschool dad, D.F. He writes:
I purchased a set of books from a company called Southwestern Publishing located in Nashville, TN. They have a summer program where college students go door to door to promote their products. Many of the books deal with science topics and are geared towards lower elementary school children. They are obviously not young-earth creationists (else they would not have multiple references to millions of years), but nor could I find any references to evolutionary concepts. This has been helpful in teaching my daughter basic concepts in science which is lacking in her home school curriculum.
The "Ask Me" series is geared for lower elementary students.
1) Do Plants Eat Meat? (Plants)
2) Who is in the Mirror? (People)
3) Do Rivers Ever End? (Planet Earth)
4) Who Dances with Dragons? (Places)
5) Can Astronauts See Me? (Space)
6) Who Lived in Castles? (Highlights in History)
7) Who has a Trumpet Nose? (Mammals)
8) Did Dinosaurs Baby Sit? (Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals)
9) Can Lizards Disappear? (Reptiles & Birds)
10) Which Bug Uses a Torch? (Creepy Crawlers)
11) Are My Bones Bendy? (Human Body)
12) Who Hid inside a Horse? (Ancient Times)

The "Explore and Learn" series is for upper elementary students.
1) Earth & Space
2) Science & Technology
3) The Natural World
4) People in Place & Time
5) Me & My Body
6) Atlas of the World

One downside, however, is that you can't order the books online; they are only available through their door-to-door college student sales people. I'm not really sure how you would find one of these young people, but maybe if you call the publisher they can put you in touch with one of their sales people.

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