Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the News: Tetrapod Footprint

Is the evidence for this tetrapod an evolutionary "paradigm buster"? Reasons To Believe's, Dr. Fazale Rana, thinks so. He was quoted this week on the Christianity Today web site.

Tetrapod footprint discovery busts evolutionary paradigm, says biochemist
The latest discovery of fossilised footprints made by four-legged vertebrates overthrows the evolutionary model for how land animals first emerged, says a biochemist.

"This is a huge discovery," said Dr. Fuz Rana of Reasons to Believe, a science-faith think tank. "[It's] another example of supposedly a well-established evolutionary story, that has presumable fossil evidence to support it, that is now blown out of the water by a single find."...

"Transitional forms are appearing in the fossil record after the appearance of the forms that they presumably evolved into and that simply doesn't make any sense," Rana said. "You have to take fossil record at face value. Evidence has to match the story."

"At this point there's no evolutionary explanation in my mind for how land animals appeared," he added. "People who are skeptics of the evolutionary paradigm are even more justifiable in their skepticism today than they were yesterday because of this particular discovery."
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Anonymous said...

Sure, we occasionally make mistakes on the details of evolution, the theory as a hole is still solid. If you understand the depth of the evidence which supports it, it is all but impossible to debunk it as an explanation for life's complexity.
The Atheist Perspective

Theology Mom said...

First of all, thanks for not being an idiot. So many of the pro-evolution comments I receive are just, quite frankly, completely offensive. Thus, I don't post them.

Secondly, I agree that when the data is looked at through the presupposition of the neo-Darwinian model, much of it fits. However, there are some problems with the model at a foundational level and there are reputable scientists who admit that, especially on the origins of life.

I am proctoring a graduate level seminar right now on the origins of life where the textbooks are by Iris Fry, Paul Davies, Bill Schopf and Bob Shapiro (all evolutionists). They are quite candid about the inability of science to explain the origin of life even at its most foundational level. Yet, it's widely assumed in the general public that this problem has been resolved. Far, far from it. I just wish there was more honesty about these gaps in knowledge and that neo-Darwininists wouldn't run around acting like they have everything all figured out and that Christians are a bunch of idiots for asking questions.

On the other hand, I realize Christians don't do much to help the situation by trying to tell you that there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Good answer! I like the way you handled that, Krista. Though, having listened (and occasionally read) you for years at RTB, I wasn't surprised. Miss hearing you on the podcasts but glad I just discovered your web-site & blog.

Btw, I blogged on the tetrapod tracks, too, over at:

Chris (aka Sirrahc)