Friday, December 11, 2009

Climate Conspiracy?

UPDATE (12/11/09): Reasons To Believe has now posted a podcast responding to "climate-gate."

Oy vey! This story is not going to help my efforts to counteract the "scientists-are-in-collusion-to-deceive-the-public-about-Darwinian-evolution" conspiracy theory.

"Rigging a Climate 'Consensus': About those emails and 'peer review.'"

After all, if scientists and even peer-reviewed journals can collude about climate change, it seems at least hypothetically possible they could collude about Darwinism, too. I still doubt it, but I can certainly empathize with people who believe this way. Wow, very unfortunate.


Noor said...

Yeah. "very unfortunate"

Rusty said...

I disagree about it being unfortunate. Given the short history of the global warming (of the doomsday variety) hypothesis, something like climategate demonstrates how difficult it is to keep a conspiracy (or determined bias) secret. Since we're upon the 150th anniversary of Origin of Species, it seems implausible to conclude that it's been a conspiracy over that entire period. Bias? Certainly. Conspiracy? Nuh-uh.