Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Warming Up to Darwin?

High profile article on the FoxNews.com web site today promoting theistic evolution. This movement definitely seems to be gaining momentum.

Will Science and Religion Reconcile Soon?
Exiting the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in early October, I found myself caught in a crossfire.

Across Independence Avenue stood a handful of Christians carrying placards encouraging the museum’s visitors to forego the evolutionary leanings of Darwin. On the steps of the museum stood an increasingly vocal crowd chanting Darwin’s name over and over.

For several minutes, the two sides traded insults and it wasn’t long before the hoots and hollers reached a frightening crescendo. At one point, two gay men stood in the middle of the street, passionately kissing to a wave of applause.

The incident – also witnessed by my 11-year-old son – raised the following question in my mind for the umpteenth time: are Christianity and Darwinism mutually exclusive? Fortunately, as I’ve come to find out, there’s a growing movement between the two fronts that says one can have faith in both religion and science.

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