Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Genesis 1:1 Mistranslated?

This is the entry on today's Biblical Archaeology Review blog:
A New Creation Theory
October 13, 2009

Professor Ellen van Wolde of Radboud University in the Netherlands claims that new textual analysis suggests that the Bible’s opening sentence has been mistranslated. Van Wolde believes the Hebrew was translated incorrectly, and that the writers of the Bible never intended to suggest that God created the world from nothing.

She suggests that the verb bara in the first sentence of the book of Genesis translates as “to spatially separate” and not “to create.” It is a theory that is bound to inspire a robust debate: that the Bible does not suggest that God created the earth out of nothing, but that the earth already existed.
Here is the news report on this theory.

I'm not going to offer any comment on this issue. I'll leave that to the experts to debate. But I don't think this is a "new" theory. I've heard it before.

Here is one book that may be of some help: Creation out of Nothing: A Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration, by William Lane Craig and Paul Copan

And, here are several articles on the topic available for free on the Reasons To Believe web site.

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