Monday, August 3, 2009

Matter of Days Audio Book

Reasons To Believe has contracted with a company (Family Audio Library) to turn some of its books (I think the books previously published by NavPress, but I could be wrong about that) into audio format. The first one, A Matter of Days, by Hugh Ross has now been released.

A Matter of Days - Unabridged Audio Book

My favorite part, however, is the "disclaimer" at the bottom of the web page. Gotta love that!
**Theological concepts expressed in this work are absolutely, one hundred percent compatible with Christian Faith founded on the inerrancy of the Bible. Listen with a heart open to receiving incredible new insight from God, and you'll understand why this book and Reasons To Believe Ministries are whole-heartedly endorsed by the owners and operators of FamilyAudioLibrary.Com.**

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stephanie j. said...

LOVE the disclaimer! :) :) :)

I have some friends with whom I would love to share this...they are firmly in the YE camp and very antagonistic towards anything OE. I haven't even brought it up to date as it wasn't a hill I wanted to die on and sacrifice a valuable friendship over. The YE thing even up in Bible study this morning with a very new believer. I clamped my mouth shut (The Holy Spirit was definitely prompting me to NOT talk...confusion is not what this girl needed).