Friday, June 12, 2009

Question: Archaeology Curriculum

Question from Nicole:
I'm a homeschool mom and I'm thinking about teaching archaeology to elementary aged children at our local co-op. Not sure where I stand on the young earth/old earth debate and not sure I have time to get up to speed on that. I would like a curriculum which has a Christian orientation, similar to the Apologia series. Can you make any recommendations? I know from your site that you do not subscribe to the young earth view, but could you include recommendations from that perspective as well as the old earth view?
Yet another great question. I love answering your questions! But I digress...

Nicole, the good news here is that the age of the earth debate among Christians doesn't really affect the discipline of archaeology that much. Archaeology is the study of human civilization. Based on a sizable body of data that is pretty much agreed upon by all scholars, humans didn't start living in civilizations until approximately 12,000 to 10,000 B.C. Prior to that, humans were living in hunter-gatherer cultures, and this research largely falls under the umbrella of paleontology.

Now for the not-so-good news. To my knowledge, there is no kids archaeology curriculum written from a Christian standpoint. However, here are some resources that might help you formulate your own.
I'd also recommend the following DVDs for you to watch in preparation.
And here are some general references related to biblical archaeology that might be good to have on hand in your library.
Finally, here are a few web sites to help you out:
Sorry I can't give you a better answer. But I like it that you've brought this issue to my attention. I'm going to put this in my file of "ideas," meaning things I might want to write someday.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I work with one of the organizations you have mentioned above and we are considering writing a kids curriculum on biblical archaeology. Since this is new to us we are wanting to hear opinions on either what young kids would want to learn or what parents want to teach. We are also creating the curriculum with homeschoolers specifically in mind. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks!

Theology Mom said...

I wish I knew who you were Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. Anyways, I have put this as a separate post, dated 3/3/10. Can you PM me with your secret identity? I have some questions for you.