Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poll: Which curriculum do you want first?

IF I were to write a curriculum, and this is a big IF, which one would you rather have first - astronomy or earth science/geology?

This would be for elementary/middle school. I'd probably make it in two levels of difficulty, with some added assignments for the older kids.

Any other ideas/thoughts/opinions? What would you like to see?

Tell me your hopes and dreams. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to pull a rabbit out of my hat.

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Eric Olsen said...

Astronomy for me, only because last night I watched "The star of Bethlehem" documentary, and although I found his Revelation passage conclusions unconvincing, it definitely piqued my curiousity.

have you seen that film? recommend it?

Anonymous said...


I wrote about that DVD a while back.


"Theology Mom"

Virginia Peterson said...

My vote would be for geology. I think that there's a lot more areas there that YECs have attacked - the whole geologic column, for instance. (Although I've recently become aware that there are different opinions on that within YEC.) Dating methods are another big thing that they cast doubt on. AiG has a book called "Evolution Exposed, earth science edition", which I haven't been willing to buy so I haven't seen it. (The biology edition I have seen and it is online.)

Kathy R said...

Hmmm, could you include the origins of the universe and the earth as an intro to an earth science course? That would hit the heart of OE astronomy first, then cover OE geology. I just purchased Prentice Hall's Earth Science for High School, and it begins w/ the origins of the universe/earth.
Comparing the two sciences, it seems like geology is the science that YE teaches the most "distrust" of standard science. I used Morris' geology books b/c they were the "Christian" books out there. They teach us to throw out all manner of dating methods and leave us w/ the idea that geologists lie for the sake of evolution. YE Astronomy leaves you w/ the "appearance of age" argument while scoffing at the Big Bang. YE geology leave out so much science - the evidence for plate tectonics, for example; their speakers just scoff at it. If I had to pick one, I'd pick geology. I think we were led farther into "distrust" of science by that YE course. Thanks.