Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OR's Dangerous Direction

One of my best friends has somehow managed to put herself right into the middle of Oregon's controversial move to try and get rid of virtual online schools, such as Connections Academy. It's a very complicated situation, but I did want to at least bring it up here in order to make people aware of what's going on. Hopefully, other states won't get any funny ideas.

If you want to get caught up on the controversy, here is a link to her blog where she has been chronicling her adventures in the Oregon state legislature. She's been on the radio in Portland several times just in the last few days, as well as quoted in the local paper. My next question is, when is she running for state representative?

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AMG said...

To sound like a politician, I have made a few phone calls, let's put it that way.

Please pray for this process. The truth is starting to come out, adn it's truly by God's grace that it has. I have prayed specifically for God to intervene in this legislative process, because nothing else could change the course. He has answered, and I am looking forward to watching His hand work.

The gunk is flying right now, and I am hoping I duck at strategic times. I am definitely in a very unfamiliar arena. This is politics, and I hope those who I have put my trust in have my back.

It will make for fun conversation FOR SURE when we see each other in about a month huh?