Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alternative Science Courses

The most popular question I get is about curriculum alternatives to young-earth creation science. Hopefully, y'all know by now that my recommendation is that educators use secular texts from middle school onward. But maybe you're thinking, "Ok, but what if I don't feel qualified to teach science to my high school student? Then what?"

Well, here a couple possible alternatives.

1. Community College - Many community colleges now accept high school students, and allow high schoolers to get a head start on earning college credit. These courses are usually reasonably and provide an adequate instruction.

2. Brigham Young Independent Study Program - I realize BYU is a Mormon institution, but they teach science from a secular point of view. Their theology doesn't enter the picture. They have a highly organized and strongly developed independent study program with lots of electives. Again, high school students also have the option of earning college credit.

In all of these cases, I would strongly recommend my "Good Science, Good Faith" course as a supplement, which supplies a rigorous integrative component between science and the Christian worldview.

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