Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Session to Begin

If your teens are already bored during summer vacation or if you just want to keep their minds busy, a new term for the online version of "Good Science, Good Faith" is starting the first week of July. So now's a good time to register. The entire course is a year long, so they could do half during the summer and the other half in the fall or spring.


Kathy R said...

Is there a reason that the course is recommended for 11th and 12th grades, after we've covered biology? I'm planning on using a secular text for biology in my sons' 9th & 10th grade years. Would we wait and do this course afterward? Could we do it beforehand, during 8th and 9th grades?

Anonymous said...

Great question. Haven't had that one before.

I guess I'm recommending it for 11th and 12th grades simply because I think that's the maturity level that the course is geared for. I think a bright 10th grader could probably get through it. But I'd be really hesitant about recommending it for anyone younger than that.

Also, I've written it with the assumption that the students have already taken biology and had a good level of exposure to evolution. I'm not sure the course would be as effective if it was taken prior to taking biology.

Hope that helps. You can download a sample lesson on the Reasons Academy web site. That might help you in your decision.