Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space

I wrote in a previous post about Bright Ideas Press. At the time, I didn't know anything about its position on the age of the earth. Obviously, the answer to this question has a direct bearing on how the textbook will teach geology and earth science.

So, I wrote a query to the author (Stephanie Redmond) re: her position. Here is her response:
This book also uses the young earth philosophy. My approach is to believe the Bible first and then filter science through that. I believe there was a world-wide flood. From that perspective, I can then accept that massive amounts of earth and life would be moved at rapid rates, creating all manner of layering and even moving continents. Please note: I am not a scientist. I do not go into this deeply, but rather try to show students what the Bible says and that not all scientists agree. "Many scientists who are Christians agree that the worldwide flood that is described in the Bible could have caused the separation of the continents. In this case the world would not have to be millions of years old. Such a flood could have caused the continents to move apart very quickly. This still allows room for the Pangea theory." (from Lesson 3 - Plate Tectonics) At all points, my goal is to show that being a Christian does not negate good science and that science does not negate the Bible.
Even though I can't necessarily recommend this textbook from an old-earth creation standpoint, I want to publicly thank Ms. Redmond for taking the time to write me back and clarifying her position.


Anonymous said...

"My approach is to believe the Bible first and then filter science through that."

This statement right here is antithetical to science. Until it is understood that science, as science, can never be done this way, there will be lots of confused christian kids entering the scientific world.

I wonder if Christians are really open to the pursuit of truth- wherever that may lead- or if that is just an empty claim?

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself, but I am open to the pursuit of truth - wherever it may lead. There are certainly ways Christianity could legitimately be falsified.