Monday, May 25, 2009

NPR: The Science of Spirituality

There was a series on NPR last week about the connection between the brain and spiritual activity. To be honest, the technical details of the science behind all this is a little beyond me, but I thought that some people might enjoy being aware of it.

"Is This Your Brain On God?"

(TG - maybe you can explain this to me sometime.)

What I do find fascinating is that this kind of research emphasizes how critical it is that we don't let our experiences be the final determiner of truth. People from all different religious strains can have measurable spiritual reactions in their brains. The question is, which spiritual experiences flow from the one true God? Answering this question requires careful and deliberate thought by putting various truth claims to the test.


Sherry C said...

I'll have to check this out. Interesting that they seem to acknowledge the possibility of absolute truth, regardless of our personal experience. Thanks again for the heads-up. My son had a blast with Ida and enjoyed being the most well-informed person in a subsequent discussion on the topic which included both kids and adults.

Anonymous said...

Sherry: I'm glad your son enjoyed "Ida". She'll no doubt be around a while, probably even make it to the textbooks.