Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RTB in Austin, TX

Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana are doing a huge event at the University of Texas TONIGHT. They are projecting about 4,000 to be in attendance. They will present an overview of Reasons To Believe's testable creation model and then Michael Shermer, who heads up the Skeptics Society, will respond with his critique.

This is one of the (many) things that I really appreciate about working at RTB. By adopting a non-combative, but yet testable approach to the Bible, Hugh and Fuz can make solid presentations in front of secular audiences and be heard. These forums have met with great success, including a strong atheist (and Nobel prize in science winner) came to Christ a few years ago! In the last few years, RTB scholars have made presentations to UCLA, Yale, Texas A&M, Washington, Ohio State, Illinois, UC Davis, Cal Tech, and Rice. People are listening!

Please pray for "the guys" (as we call them) and pray that God will open the minds and hearts of some of those in attendance to "see" the evidence for Jesus Christ as the Creator and Savior.

UPDATE 4/29: Here are some pics from Fuz's Facebook page from the Austin event last night. I haven't heard any actual reports about how it went or how many were there. But I'll post something once I find out.

I think this one is of Michael Shermer.

These are of Hugh and Fuz answering questions after the forum.

P.S. If you're into the whole Facebook thing, be sure to Friend "Fazale Rana." If he accepts you, you'll get a real good flavor for our behind-the-scenes RTB antics. And right now he's posting from Austin.


Kevin N said...

Any chance that this will show up as a video on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet?

Anonymous said...

Not officially. The University only allows recordings if you follow like a hundred rules and pay a bunch of fees. We tried to send the RTB media guy there to capture the event but the logistics were just too complicated. However, it's always in the realm of possibility that a bootleg copy of the event will turn up somewhere.

Kay said...

This was an amazing event. I was lucky enough to go. There was a wider variety of people at this event. I thought Dr. Ross and Dr. Rana each presented really good info in the 25 minutes they were given. Dr. Shermer had some decent critiques of Christianity, but not of the Creation model they presented. I thought that Ross and Rana answered most of his problems. He also went on some tangents that had nothing to do with what they presented. He was quite demeaning, and I think the crowd was very aware of that. Impressed with the turn out and hoping to get to another one of these!