Friday, April 10, 2009

Expedition Bible

Remember a couple years ago when there was all that hoopla about the tomb of Jesus being discovered? James Cameron made a documentary for the Discovery Channel about how this proved Jesus never came back to life and was, in fact, married to Mary Magdalene.

Most of the scholars who were featured in the documentary have since retracted their supposed support for this hypothesis, citing that their statements were edited together to make it sound like they were saying something they weren't.

Now, there is a documentary explaining the REAL positions of these experts: Expedition Bible. It only costs $7 to order it on amazon, but it can be previewed on the main production website for free. Can't beat that. It appears to have been made by the same people who made two of my other favorite documentaries, The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon and DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (both of which can also be viewed online for free).

I watched Expedition Bible the other night and it's quite well done. I would definitely recommend it as part of an apologetics unit, grades 9 and up.

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