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Internet Resources for the Earth Sciences

This list was graciously put together by Virginia Peterson (vtpeterson @ prodigy.net), Rochester, NY.

Some Internet Resources for the Earth Sciences

Disclaimer: Virginia collected most of these for her own interest in the subject. She did not formally use them in her homeschooling.

Secular Science Viewpoint

About.com Geology site
Many resources including comprehensive photos of rocks, minerals, geologic features and concepts, virtual field trips, geologic maps and information for all states. [For the site author’s personal viewpoint, search for the essay “Lithos vs. Logos”]

State geological offices
The Association of American State Geologists
The state offices have maps and information on each state’s geology, including resources for teachers and kids – look for such terms as “teacher resources”, “education outreach”, etc.

Site-exclusive maps in various forms for states and countries, daily newsletter on stories of interest in earth science, bookstore including the following:

Roadside Geology book series
Describes what you see traveling on the major highways of a state. Available for a lot but not all states.


USGS Geology in the National Parks

Geology of the National Parks

"3-D Geology” in National Parks

Geology resources and pdf images

Museum of the Earth & Paleontological Research Institute, Ithaca, NY
Teacher-friendly guides” cover, so far, the NE and SE areas of the US. Free download; NE area available in printed form. Also some virtual field trips, online presentation on “The World of Oil”, photos of fossils, etc.


Geologic Time

Very detailed time chart

One page detailed chart

What is geologic time?



National Park Service webcams

A new picture every 15 minutes, daily weather data, and archived views. Includes, among others:

Grand Canyon

Old Faithful (updates every 30 seconds)

Earth Observatory Image of the Day
These are usually satellite pictures of Earth, often of currently happening events such as wildfires, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Earth Science Picture of the Day


Hands-on Activities

Sand curriculum

Sand web site home page, includes link to:
International Sand Collectors Society

Mainly geologic paper block models to color and glue together, but also including topographic, biological, and historical models. Several free models available for download. Junior high to high school level.

Fault Analysis Group
Paper models of various kinds of faults and other geologic processes. On-site explanations and pictures.

Space Station 42
A commercial site, but look for the “Free Paper Toys” directory with links to all kinds of paper models, including:

Canon Papercraft
There are several science-related models, such as earth and moon globes.


Young-Earth Creationism Viewpoint

Answers in Genesis
Brochures on various natural sites, such as Niagara Falls, Mt. St. Helens, the Grand Canyon, etc. These could be used in comparison with the standard scientific explanation – how does AiG’s worldview affect their interpretation of the data, etc. For national park websites, see above under “secular science.”

Biblical Geology by Tas Walker
See also:
Walker's geological model, part 1 (PDF)
Walker's geological model, part 2 (PDF)
This Australian site has charts of a flood geology interpretation of the geologic column. Compare to the standard geologic time scale available above.


Old-Earth Creationism Viewpoint

Answers in Creation
Many articles and book reviews dealing with geological issues related to creation

Free Homeschool Geology course

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