Saturday, March 21, 2009

AiG Creation Museum: Darwin Not Entirely Wrong

The Answers in Genesis creation museum has a new exhibit demonstration natural selection (also known as micro-evolution).

"Creation Museum: Darwin Not Entirely Wrong" -
A new exhibit at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum argues that natural selection — Darwin's explanation for how species develop new traits over time — can coexist with the creationist assertion that all living things were created by God just a few thousand years ago.

"We wanted to show people that creationists believe in natural selection," said Ken Ham, founder of the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis and frequent Darwin critic...

Ham said he agrees that natural selection can give an organism an advantage in its environment, but creationists do not believe that the process can lead to new species, such as fish evolving into amphibians.

Visitors to the exhibit are greeted by a large sign that reads: "Natural Selection is not Evolution."

"The exhibit is to clearly show that natural selection is not a mechanism to change one kind of animal into a totally different kind," Ham said...

But [Eugenie] Scott, whose organization advocates evolution education, said the fossil record proves that one type of body plan can give rise to another through evolution.

She said the recently discovered fossil Tiktaalik — a prehistoric fish with some traits like those of four-legged animals — shows an adaptation toward a life on land.

"We have a gradual transition of vertebrate fossils from those who swim to those who have stumpy fins to those who can function well on land," Scott said.
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Without getting into a discussion about my personal disagreements related to young-earth creationism and the AiG museum, here's an essay idea: Students can research the terms micro- vs. macro-evolution, giving examples of each. Then look into how Darwin's finches are used as evidence for evolution in mainstream biology textbooks. Is that use a proper application? Are finches an example of micro-evolution or macro-evolution? Finally, research Tiktaalik, which is the current "best evidence" for a fish-to-land animal transitional form. How is this used to support the macro-evolutionary paradigm?

Dr. Fuz Rana wrote a short article a while back about Tiktaalik, discussing this specimen within an old-earth creation model framework. "Tetrapod Transitions: Evidence for Design," by Fazale Rana. (I know he also did a podcast about it, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. We're still porting over content from the old RTB web site and that's probably why.)


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