Monday, February 2, 2009

Field Trip: Who Loves Lucy?

If you live in the Seattle area, you might want to consider taking a field trip to see "Lucy", the famous Australopithecus hominid, up close and personal. Seattle is the second stop in what was supposed to be a six-year, 10-city tour. While the center had hoped to draw 250,000 visitors during the exhibit that ends March 8, only 60,000 have come. Most think this is probably due to the recession and some uncharacteristically bad weather. Unfortunately, it is unclear at this point whether Lucy will make it to its future destinations or whether it will simply return to Ethiopia.

"Seattle shows little love for Lucy fossil exhibit"

Lucy is a 3.2 million-year-old fossilized partial skeleton of a species with chimp-like features that walked upright. Although I don't hold to biological evolution of humanity, Lucy is still part of God's creation and therefore worth studying and understanding. This specimen also provides a good opportunity to discuss how to make sense of the hominid fossil record within a creation model context.

For more about this topic, see Dr. Rana's book, Who Was Adam?


Sabai said...

So, after reading "Language of God", and seeing you use the phrase "theistic evolutionist" to describe yourself on here (I thought?), I think I thought you would have left the door open for Lucy as a common ancestor? No?

Can you clarify how/when you think humanity showed up?

Virginia Peterson said...

For those on the east coast, the Buffalo, NY science museum has a cast of Lucy.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you can point out to me in which post I have called myself a "theistic evolutionist"? In this very post I plainly state that I don't believe in biological evolution of humans. How much clearer can I state it? Help me out here. Where have I been unclear?