Thursday, November 27, 2008

ACSI Conference

Reasons To Believe had a booth at the ACSI conference earlier this week in Southern CA. They sponsored a screening of the new documentary, Dual Revelation, as well as a Q & A session. The response was mixed, which is to be expected at this kind of event - especially given the fact this was the first time RTB had a presence at this convention. Many people said they were happy to see RTB there, while others were, shall we say, not quite as happy.

Here are a few snapshots of RTB's booth.

As I was taking the picture below, this woman came up to the booth and started a rather heated debate about radiometric dating techniques with RTB's Executive Editor. She encouraged the woman to come back later and talk to Dr. Rana, which she did. Unfortunately, the conversation didn't go any better.

This pile of donuts is symbolic of RTB's secret identity: "Reasons To Eat."

The real test will be whether ACSI invites RTB back next year. So if you're inclined, please write to them and encourage them to stand behind RTB's attendance.

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Kevin N said...

I'm excited to see that RTB was at this conference, as I know these sorts of things tend to be dominated by young-earth creationists.